Additions of Former UARA Staff Members to Elevate FCS Team in 2014

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Additions of Former UARA Staff Members to Elevate FCS Team in 2014

CALLAWAY, VA :: With the UARA-STARS Late Model Stock Car Series on hiatus in 2014 it has opened the doors for Franklin County Speedway to boost it’s 2014 track staff with new flagman and the addition of a track chaplain.

Former UARA flagman Danny Willard will serve as flagman for Franklin County Speedway during the 2014 season in addition to serving as the Koma Unwind Modified Series flagman on his off weeks from FCS.  Willard is a great new addition to the staff at Franklin County Speedway and brings years of experience and one of the most entertaining flagmen in the business.

“When I saw that Danny Willard would be available, I knew I had to get with him to see if he was interested in flagging here at Franklin County,” said track promoter Langley Austin.  “Danny is one of the best flagmen in the business and he brings years of experience and knowledge to the Franklin County Speedway team.”

With Willard occupying the main flagstand on the front side of the track, former Franklin County Speedway flagman Tony Davis will occupy the flagstand on the backstretch.  Davis, who has been a flagman not only at Franklin County Speedway in the past but other facilities as well, will give us an experienced flagman on the stand on the backside as well.

“Tony Davis is a top notch flagman,” stated Austin. “He worked some of the final races last year as well as for me in the past other facilities and I know with him on the backstretch we’ve got someone who knows what to watch for and will help keep us even more organized than in the past.”

With two experienced and established flagmen on either side of the track, Franklin County Speedway’s staff looks to be stronger and better than ever.  Add in the return of John Hall as the Technical Inspector, Shane Green managing Pit Road and Patrick Lenez handling the stop and go duties and you can see that the staff is stronger than ever according to Austin.

“I’m convinced we’ll have as good or better staff than any track around.  We’ve worked hard this winter and looked at the people that we have and the people that were available or could be hired.  I found that we had a great crew but needed to fill in a couple of gaps and I think we did just that. Drivers, teams and fans will notice a difference this year in professionalism and organization.”

Another addition to Franklin County Speedway comes in the form of a new track chaplain, who will handle the invocation, praying with the drivers and teams as well as a pre-race church service.  Chaplain Joe Louis, who has spent the last few seasons with the UARA-STARS Series will make his way to Callaway, VA this season to serve as the track chaplain.

“Joe Louis and I became friends when I was the UARA photographer years ago and he started as the chaplain with the series,” said Austin.  “Joe is a great guy and a great spiritual leader.  He’ll spend all his time praying with the drivers because that’s who he is.  I’m excited to have him with us this year and you can never have enough prayer.”

Many more additions to the track staff are expected to be made in the coming weeks as the season gets closer.

“I don’t think you can ever have the perfect crew but I think we’re going to have one of the best in business this year.  I also plan to be more involved in every aspect of the track this year from pit road to the concession stands to front gate.  We’re going to improve in every area that we can to make Franklin County Speedway the best it can be.”

For more information on the upcoming season including the schedule, rules and other items of interest at Franklin County Speedway visit our website at or contact Langley Austin via phone or text at 276.613.4208.