Blue Ridge Mini Cups

RULES Updated for 2017 Season.  (Last Update 3/14/17)

1. All cars must have bodies that are securely mounted and appear level and centered. Bodies can be made of fiberglass or plastic.
2. Minimum length of 95” maximum length 120”
3. Must have securely mounted front and rear Lexan Windows with no holes in either
4. Must have top access lid securely hinged in front.
5. Must have clearly visible numbers on both sides and roof. Minimum size of 12”
6. Must have securely mounted mirrors and window nets on both left and right side.
7. Must have firewall and deck lid completely separating driver from engine.
8. 28” minimum roof height.
9. 49” maximum width 40” minimum width.
10. Wheel base measured from center of front axle to center of rear axle with front tires straight. Must be no less than 58” and no more than 63”

TIRES — 15 X 7 X 8 racing slick tires only.  Air filled Only.

1. Seat must be securely mounted to frame and/or role cage
2. Must have 5 point racing harness securely mounted to frame and/or roll cage
3. Must have full metal securely mounted floor pan.
4. Battery must be securely fastened so as to stay in place even in rollover.
5. Must have full perimeter 4 point halo type role cage minimum 1” tubing.
6. Must have foam filled securely mounted fuel cell located behind firewall.

1. Honda or clone GX340 or GX390 type OHV engine only. 3.55in max bore, 2.59in max stroke.
2. Stock Honda or clone crankshaft only.  No billet steel cranks.
3. Crank mounted centrifugal clutch only. No torque converters or transmissions.
4. No air allowed entering the engine after the air filter.

CARBURETOR — Honda OEM type carburetor with maximum venturi size of 0.830” mounted directly to engine with stock OEM black phenolic spacer.

GEARS — 3.45 +/- 2 (3.43 – 3.47 allowed)

FUEL — Gasoline only. No alcohol.

AXLE — Single one piece sprocket driven axle only with all hubs secured with keyways. No floating components.

BRAKES — Minimum of single rotor rear brakes required.

SUSPENSION — Full suspension or rigid frame allowed.  Track reserves the right to run and score these cars together or separate.  If equipped with a front sway bar, must be removed or unhooked rendering it nonfunctional.

SHOCKS — No gas filled or adjustable shocks allowed.

WEIGHT — Car and driver must weigh NO LESS than 650Lbs if full rigid suspension. Suspension cars must weigh no less than 700Lbs. All added weight must be securely fastened to frame or roll cage.

FUTURE STARS — Kids competitors will be required to run a Large Yellow Stripe on the Back of their Cars signifying their experience level to other competitors.

FUTURE STARS RESTRICTOR PLATE — All Cars will be Required to Run a Restrictor Plate. Restrictor Plates will be Supplied by the Track and you will Draw a Number for them before Each Race.

1. Arm restraints are required for Kid’s and Adults.
2. A Head and Neck Device is Required for Everyone.
3. Firesuit and Gloves Required.
4. All Other Track Safety Requirements Must be met.

TRANSPONDERS — Every competitor is required to run a transponder on their car. Transponders are available for rent from the track at each event. You may also bring your own if it works with our system at no cost to you.

OTHER CARS — FCS will allow cars to compete from other tracks with weight additions and/or restrictor plates added in lieu of competition at the Tech Directors discretion.  Please contact Langley Austin 276.613.4208 to be prepared before arriving.