Moonshine Classic Vintage Nationals


Check out the details below on the Classes and Rules for Each Division for the Moonshine Classic Vintage Nationals at Franklin County Speedway.  If you have any questions please contact Langley Austin at 276.613.4208


Open Vintage Modified: Any Motor, Any tire and wheel, car must weigh 2600 lbs. with driver, Bodies must be pre 1984 or original to the NASCAR Modified division prior to 1985 and be true representations of this division. No fiberglass bodies Fiberglass hoods are ok. This division may be combined with the Vintage Modified division if car count is insufficient.

Vintage Modifieds: Wet Sump Motors, Ten inch tires and wheels 1982 and older Bodies. No station wagons or trucks. Bodies should be representative of what they raced in the old NASCAR Modified division and must be stock appearing. Must weigh 2700 lbs. with driver. Offset frames OK.

Vintage Sportsman: Wet sump motors, ten inch tires and wheels. Car must have full body and must be 1976 and older and be stock appearing, or be an original 30 year old Late Model Sportsman. Cars should be representative of cars raced pre 1984 as a Late Model Sportsman or Late Model Stock Car. Car Must be documented if body is newer than 1976. Perimeter frames car can be stock clip or tube frame and will weigh 2900 lbs. Chassis with ANY OFFSET must weigh 3100lbs. Car must be on full frame no uni-body allowed, that means no frame connectors. Small blocks only. Any carb allowed. Any frame height.

Vintage Limited Sportsman: Car must have full body and must be pre 1970 and stock appearing. Wet sump motors. Steel heads only no aluminum. Ten inch tires and wheels. Frames can be stock clip or tube. Absolutely No Offset frame of any Kind allowed. V-8 engines must be small blocks and run two barrel carbs no larger than 500 cfm. Six cylinder motor can run any carb. V-8 cars must weigh 3100 lbs. Six Cylinder cars can weigh 2800 lbs. Frame heights must not be lower than 4 inches.

Flat Head Six Cylinder: Flat heads must be pre 1949 and six cylinders must be pre 1960 bodies. This division may be combined within the Vintage Limited Sportsman Division if car count is not sufficient.

All cars will be inspected for safety and to determine division. All cars will be weighed in tech and post-race!

The Moonshine Vintage Race Car Nationals crew and technical staff will be responsible for technical inspection and class designation of all race cars. Technical Inspector’s decisions will be final.

Races will be 35 laps.

Car entry fee $40. 100% of entry fees will be paid back to top 6 finishers in each class. Pay back May be more if sponsorship attained. Payout Based on 10 cars. This an example of minimum payout for 10 car field in a division:
1. $150 2. $100 3. $75 4. $25 5. $25 6. $25

Winner will receive trophy

Pit entry $25 per person $5 of each pit entry will go towards purse.

Please be reminded that there are many different types of vintage racecars out there, original and made! We will try and place each car in the best division based on many factors. The number one goal of this event is to have a good time and meet other vintage racers who share your interests.

Front Stretch Pit Stalls Will Be Available for this Race on a First Come, First Serve Basis.  As many as 20 stalls on the frontstretch will be available and are for RENT for this event for just $25 per stall.  You may rent as many stalls as you’d like to keep you and your friends or other cars parked in the same area together.  Please mail check for $25 for Pit Stall with Check made payable to:  (Check Must be made Payable as written)
Moonshine Capital Promotions, Inc.
5123 Floyd Highway North
Copper Hill, VA  24079

Available spaces will be reserved as checks are received.  If wanting multiple stalls make check out for amount of stalls wanted to together for $25 each.  Pit stalls will be available on race day on first come, first serve basis as well but may not accommodate those wishing to park together.