Moonshine Modifieds


RULES Updated for 2014 Season.  (Last Update 7/30/14)

WEIGHT – 2600 pounds Minimum with Driver for 4″ Minimum Ride Height Cars
2700 pounds Minimum with Driver for 2″ Minimum Ride Height Cars
58% Maximum Left Side Weight with Driver

BURN-OFF – MCP allows 3/4 pound per lap for a burn-off when weighing the car after the race. (i.e. 40 lap race = 30 pound allowance)

CHASSIS – Any Open Wheel Modified Chassis Allowed

ALUMINIMUM HEADS – Add 50 pounds in front of the chassis between front and rear of engine at valve cover height

CARBURETOR – 500 cfm Carburetor for Built Engine & 603 Crate
650 cfm Carburetor for 602 Crate Engine

ENGINES – Any American Production Passenger Car Engine is Allowed
602 & 603 Crate Engines Allowed minus 200 pounds (2,450 pounds minimum)

TIRES – 10″ Hoosier F-45 Scuffs sold by Track at $140/set plus $5 per tire Mounting fee

ADDITIONAL RULES – All other rules are based off the 2014 Langley Speedway Modified division rules. CLICK HERE to view their 2014 Rule Book.

OTHER CARS — MCP will allow cars to compete from other tracks and series with weight additions and/or restrictor plates added in lieu of competition at the Tech Directors discretion.  Please contact Langley Austin 276.613.4208 to be prepared before arriving.