We will post any and all penalties for the 2017 season on this page for reference by drivers and teams.

Penalties issued for May 20, 2017:

Mike Worthington #13 V8 Street – Fined $450 (already paid in full). Disqualified from Finishing Position from 5/20. Suspended for One V8 Street event (5/28 or next event).  Suspension is for on-track altercation which allows for him to attend event but not compete.  He is also eligible to compete in Night of Destruction event on 6/3 even if his suspension in the V8 Street division hasn’t been served yet. Probation has been continued to 11/30/17.

Brian Turner #04 Mini Stock – Driver and team placed on Probation until 7/30/17 for entering another teams pit area. Any additional incident the penalties will be escalated. Driver and Team must meet with track promoter & race director before next race.


Penalties from 4/9/17 Event:

Chad Burnopp #79 and Dennis Holdren #1 Mini Stock are required to meet with the Race Director before the next race.

Mike Worthington #13 V8 Street has been placed on probation until May 29th.

Paul Caldwell #33 V8 Street has been suspended for one event and placed on probation until June 30th. He also has a suspended fine of $100 that will go away with good behavior until the end of his probation.

Patrick Janney #17 U-Car has been placed on probation until May 29th.

Jonathan Simacek #18 U-Car has been placed on probation until May 29th.