Pit Parking

parking 2016 copy

Above is a rendition of what the Parking arrangements in the Pit area will look like during the 2016 season with prices.  All Divisions will have availability to have front side parking to the left of the concession stand and up near turn 1.

Concrete Spaces (3) — $200 each (Only Available to Late Models)
All Other Spaces — $100 each

If you want to park on the front stretch, you MUST pay to reserve your space to ensure your space.  This goes for all divisions.  13 spaces are being held for Late Models until March 1st.  All Other spaces are available for reserving by any division.  You do not need to park with your division.

LATE MODELS: If you do not reserve a space and front stretch stalls run out, you’ll be forced to park down the back straightaway.  Touring divisions will also be allowed to park on the front straight thus using up additional spaces on some nights.  No exceptions and no other divisions cars will be moved to accommodate you.

To reserve a parking space please call Langley Austin 276.613.4208 today.  Credit/Debit Cards are accepted for payment.

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