Pit Parking

parking 2014 copy

Above is a (somewhat crude) rendition of what the Parking arrangements in the Pit area will look like during the 2014 season.  We’re working to make sure that all our divisions will be able to park together for better organization if we need to talk to all the drivers of a division or etc.

LATE MODELS: Late Models only have 13 or less spaces to park on the front straightaway and several have already been reserved for the season.  If you do not reserve a space and front stretch stalls run out, you’ll be forced to park down the back straightaway.  Touring divisions will also be allowed to park on the front straight thus using up additional spaces on some nights.  No exceptions and no other divisions cars will be moved to accommodate you.

STREET STOCKS: Only Street Stocks with enclosed haulers will be allowed to park on the front straightaway unless they have reserved a spot for the season.  Even if you have a enclosed hauler you’re not guaranteed to get a front straightaway spot as only a limited number of spots are available to Street Stock cars.

MOD 4: Also Mod 4 cars have a limited number of spaces on the front straightaway and with many of them already reserved, unless you reserve a spot you will not be guaranteed a front stretch space no matter what type of hauler you have and will be forced to park on the back straightaway.

All divisions are required to park with their competitors and no exceptions will be made.  Be sure to make arrangements to fit your hauler into parking spaces designated for your division.  To reserve a parking space please call Langley Austin 276.613.4208 today.