Street Stock Rules

RULES Updated for 2014 Season.  (Last Update 1/28/13 with Motor Mile 2014 Rule Book for additional rules)

WEIGHT — 3200 lbs. with Driver.  56% max on left side.

BURN-OFF – MCP allows 3/4 pound per lap for a burn-off when weighing the car after the race. (i.e. 40 lap race = 30 pound allowance)

TIRES — Hoosier 880 or Hoosier Commanche Allowed.  Mix and match of the tires allowed.

Built Engine – 350 cfm Carburetor LMSC Rules
603 Crate Engine – 350 cfm Carburetor LMSC Rules
602 Crate Engine – 390 cfm Carburetor LMSC Rules or 500 cfm Carburetor Box Stock

350 cfm Carburetor must use 3/4″ spacer plate.  Gasket between Carburetor and Spacer Plate Must Have Two Holes.

CAM — 450 Lift Cam Rule (480 Lift Cam Add 30 lbs.)
1:6 Rocker Arms Allowed
Roller Rockers Allowed – No Staggering

HEADS — Double Hump Heads Allowed (No cc rule)
No Pluged Angle Heads
Vortec Heads Add 50 lbs.
71cc Heads Remove 50 lbs.

CHASSIS — All Stock Suspension (Tubular Uppers Allowed)
3-link Allowed
Stock Front Clip Tube Cars Allowed
*Stock Clip Cars Must Weigh 3350 lbs. total and 1525 lbs. right side.

CLUTCH — 10 ½ min clutch.  Clutch, pressure plate and bolts min weight 33lbs.  Must be steel.

SHOCKS — Steel Bodied Shocks Only.  No Adjustable Shocks Allowed.

REAR ENDS — No Quick Change Rear Ends Allowed

ALL OTHER RULES — See Motor Mile Speedway 2014 Rulebook by CLICKING HERE

OTHER CARS — FCS will allow cars to compete from other tracks with weight additions and/or restrictor plates added in lieu of competition at the Tech Directors discretion.  Please contact Langley Austin 276.613.4208 to be prepared before arriving.