Street Stock Rules

RULES Updated for 2016 Season.  (Last Update 11/28/15)

WEIGHT — 3200 lbs. with Driver.  56% max on left side.

BURN-OFF – No burn-off will be allowed for.  Cars must meet minimum weight every time it crosses the scales.

TIRES — Hoosier F-45 Scuff Tires  10″ Wheels are recommended but 8″ wheels will be allowed for this season.
Hoosier 880 or Hoosier Commanche Allowed with 100 pound weight break.  Mix and match of the 8″ tires allowed.

Built Engine – 350 cfm Carburetor LMSC Rules
603 Crate Engine – 350 cfm Carburetor LMSC Rules
602 Crate Engine – 390 cfm Carburetor LMSC Rules or 500 cfm Carburetor Box Stock

350 cfm Carburetor must use 3/4″ spacer plate.  Gasket between Carburetor and Spacer Plate Must Have Two Holes.

CAM — 450 Lift Cam Rule (480 Lift Cam Add 30 lbs.)
1:6 Rocker Arms Allowed
Roller Rockers Allowed – No Staggering

HEADS — Double Hump Heads Allowed (No cc rule)
No Pluged Angle Heads
Vortec Heads Add 50 lbs.
71cc Heads Remove 50 lbs.

CHASSIS — All Stock Suspension (Tubular Uppers Allowed)
3-link Allowed
Stock Front Clip Tube Cars Allowed
*Stock Clip Cars Must Weigh 3300 lbs. total and 1525 lbs. right side.

SWAY BAR — One (1) inch maximum Sway Bar on Tube Chassis cars.

CLUTCH — 10 ½ min clutch.  Clutch, pressure plate and bolts min weight 33lbs.  Must be steel.

SHOCKS — Steel Bodied Shocks Only.  No Adjustable Shocks Allowed.

REAR ENDS — Quick Change Rear Ends allowed.

BODIES — Older Late Model Bodies Allowed.

ALL OTHER RULES — See Mid-Atlantic Street Stock Series Rulebook by CLICKING HERE

OTHER CARS — FCS will allow cars to compete from other tracks with weight additions and/or restrictor plates added in lieu of competition at the Tech Directors discretion.  Please contact Langley Austin 276.613.4208 to be prepared before arriving.