Super U-Car Rules

RULES Updated for 2016 Season.  (Last Update 11/28/15)

1. Division for Import and American cars just like the U-Car division that allows certain performance modifications, but still keeps racing very affordable.
2. The division is an advanced division like Mini Stock or Mod-4 and is open to any driver no matter their driving experience.
3. Competing Models 1980 and later American & Import Front Wheel Drive – 4 Cylinder cars, with a wheelbase of at least of 105 inches.
4. No Rear Wheel drive, Station Wagons, Vans, or Trucks allowed.
5. No All-Wheel Drives allowed.
6. Engine must be from the same manufacture as the car.
7. Engine may have aftermarket add-ons.
8. 4-Cylinder Motors only. No 6-Cylinder motors allowed.
9. Engine can be rebuilt with a .30 overbore allowed.
10. Single and Dual Overhead cams allowed.
11. No turbo’s or superchargers allowed.
12. Engine swaps allowed as long as it comes from the same manufacture
13. Headers allowed. Exhaust must exit under the car near the rear tire.
14. Cold Air Intake allowed.
15. Stock transmission only. Straight or Automatic allowed..
16. Steel flywheel only.
17. Racing clutch allowed.
18. Stock ECM.
19. Racing gas allowed.
20. No MSD boxes.
21. Windshield must be glass or Lexan.
22. Stock body only. NO steel or fiberglass body.
23. Body Kit allowed.
24. Front and rear spoiler allowed.
25. Sheet metal dash allowed.
26. All glass other than the windshield must be removed.
27. Adjustable shock and springs allowed.
28. Camber allowed front and rear.
29. Car must have a 4-inch ground clearance exp for exhaust
30. Hoosier Sportsman tires allowed.
31. Racing wheels allowed. Must be same offset all the way around. Must be 4 racing wheels or 4 standard wheels, no mixing.
32. Backspacing of 2.5 inches allowed.
33. Full 6-point roll cage required. 3-Bars on left driver side and 2-bars on right side made of 1¾ inch 0.95 thick roll bar tubing.
34. Racing seat required.
35. 5 point racing harness required.
37. Speedway Officials have the right to add or reduce the cars weight as they feel necessary to make for more competition.
38. Speedway has the right to add or change the rules as they see necessary.

WEIGHT – Weight must be clearly marked on fender or hood of each car and visible when standing at scales.
One (1) pound per cc.  (1.8 liter = 1,800 cc)
VTEC Honda Engines must add 200 pounds.

BURN-OFF – No burn-off will be allowed.  Weight must be met every time your car hits the scales.

OTHER CARS — FCS will allow cars to compete from other tracks with weight additions and/or restrictor plates added in lieu of competition at the Tech Directors discretion.  Please contact Langley Austin 276.613.4208 to be prepared before arriving.