UCAR Rules

RULES Updated for 2016 Season.  (Last Update 5/21/16)

CARS — 1980 or later Front Wheel Drive Only.  Maximum Wheelbase of 105″.

ENGINE — 4 cylinder only. Engines must remain stock with a 0.020 maximum allowance of clean up of head.  Single Overhead Cam and Dual Overhead Cam engines Allowed.

119hp and under – No Min Weight or % Left side Wt.
120hp – 129hp – 2100lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
130hp – 139hp – 2200lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
140hp – 149hp – 2300lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
150hp – 159hp – 2400lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
160hp – 169hp – 2500lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
170hp – 179hp – 2600lbs Min Total Wt. 55% Left Side Wt. Max
180hp and up – 2600lbs Min Total Wt. 53% Left Side Wt. Max

BURN-OFF – No burn-off will be accounted for.  Car must meet weight every time it crosses the scales.

BODIES — Stock Bodies Only.

HOOD — Gutting of Hood is Allowed.  Hood and Trunk Must Be Secured with two or more Hood Pins.

INTERIOR — May Only remove enough for roll cage to fit.  Dash may be removed.

CAMBER — Camber Allowed in Front Wheels.  Rear Camber Allowed at 2 degrees Max.

HEADERS — Headers or Manifolds Allowed.

WHEELS — Must be Stock for Car or Aftermarket Heavy Duty Wheel in sizes 13″, 14″ or 15″.
Racing Wheels Allowed but must add 50 pounds right side weight. Racing Wheels must be 7″ wheels with a 3″  backset. Must be same offset on all four corners.

ADDED WEIGHT for Racing Wheels Must Be 50 Pounds and Must be Physically Located Center of the Wheelbase and all the way to the right side of the car, as far right as possible to mount.  This weight is in addition to any weight for your car.  We will check to make sure this weight is located where it’s supposed to be and not just figured into the total of your right side weight.

TIRES — Hoosier 790’s are the preferred track tire. Must Run Same Size on All Four Wheels.  DOT 200 Tread Wear or Higher.  No wider than 60 series.

WHEELBASE — Measure from Front Wheel to Rear Wheel can be No More than 1/2″ Difference from Side to Side.  No crabbing of Rear.

SPRINGS — Springs May be Cut or Heated.  Spring Towers May be Welded to Achieve Camber.  Spring Rubbers Allowed.

EXHAUST — Must come Out from Under Car.

ROLL CAGE — All Cars Must Have Approved Roll Cage

CLEARANCE — 5″ Ground Clearance except for Exhaust.

COMPUTER — No Hot Chips or Hot Computers.

SAFETY — Fire Resistant Uniform Required.  Fire Resistant Gloves Required.  Each Car Should Have NASCAR Approved Seat Belts.  Drivers should wear a Snell Approved Full Face Helmet.  Fire Extinguisher in Car Required.

STOCK — Other than the listed rules above, all cars should remain stock.  JUST BECAUSE THERE ISN’T A RULE DOESN’T MEAN YOU CAN MAKE A MODIFICATION. Any rule not clearly defined by the rule book must be approved by management prior to the modification being made.

WEIGHT ADJUSTMENTS — Weight may be added or removed from any car to equal up the field.

FINAL WORD — The Inspector has the final say on rules and decision of weight being placed.

OTHER CARS — FCS will allow cars to compete from other tracks with weight additions and/or restrictor plates added in lieu of competition at the Tech Directors discretion.  Please contact Langley Austin 276.613.4208 to be prepared before arriving.